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Cerebral Palsy World Wide WebRing - Welcome to the Cerebral Palsy World Wide WebRing. Through this ring we hope to bring together CP Adults, CP Parents and

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Cerebral Palsy World Wide WebRing

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Welcome to the Cerebral Palsy World Wide WebRing. Through this ring we hope to bring together CP Adults, CP Parents and CP Kids in order to share knowledge and information to make it a better world to live in for People with Cerebral Palsy everywhere. As a parent of a child with CP that can't talk to you, you have know idea how to help. If you can talk to one that 's been there, you can get a great insight on what to do to help your own child, relative or loved one. This WebRing is no longer in direct affiliation with Cerebral Palsy Network Please feel free to join CPN and benefit from the many areas covered there.

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Living with wheels: Life with CP
Living a life on wheels rather than feet. This is an individual's account of what her life inside muscles affected by cerebral palsy (CP) is like and what makes her 'tick'.
A Child To Love - Adoption Love Stories
In thirty-five years of parenting, our family has grown through adoption to twenty-six children. Many of my children have cerebral palsy. Each one has their own personality, strengths, and special qualities. This site is built around my children who also have profound retardation, with love and appreciation. It also includes stories of some of my other children. Come on over and visit our family!
Damian's Web Site
The purpose of this site is to increase awareness of cerebral palsy and to share with you how I am dealing with it, the treatment I am receiving, and other possible alternatives available.
As My Weight Loss World Turns
This is a blog about me & the issues I face with Cellulitis, Cerebral Palsy, Diabetes, Epilepsy and Sleep Apnea. In addition, this videocast also serves as an information and resource clearinghouse for those in need of such. If the demand exist, an audio podcast version will also be created & produced.
A Counselors Story
Camping for children with special needs

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