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Reader and Writer - Do you read?  Browsr/surf this ring!  Find here all kinds of writing:  fiction and nonfiction, essays and

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Reader and Writer

Manager: genessa
Do you read?  Do you write?  Do you refrain from hate speech and eschew porn?  (Mature content and language are fine; there IS a difference!)  This is the ring for you!  Just be sure you have the code on a content site and that the content site in question is the one registered with this ring.

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from a new series of poems in progress, said Princess Haiku - 11/25/2012

Leopard Poem 14 Strawberries soaked in dawn, pale this blood of a poet. Leopard, I feed you my veins; a thrum of sex, you are unfettered impulse. Arcane beast, you live me and I am you. I see through passage ways of your eyes and follow a dusty road into deep forest shallows at the river’s edge, where you drink my soul and I remember you in perpetuity. Leopard of a thousand stars, I am cloaked in a sky of rosettes. Your skin and claws brined with power and sated with a savage love. I slip through cracks of midnight, where smoke of frankincense rises in a ritual dance of self. You are passion of a secret hour, a flow of human blood. A fierce gift this breath of eternity. Beware darling, I am the wild of you. Diane Dehler @2012 all rights reserved HTTP Request Header * POST /rpc/ping HTTP/1.0 * User-Agent: YOUR AGENT HERE * Host: * Content-Type: text/xml * Content-length: 250 http:/...

from a new series of poems in progress, said Princess Haiku

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