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Reader and Writer - Do you read?  Browsr/surf this ring!  Find here all kinds of writing:  fiction and nonfiction, essays and

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Reader and Writer

Manager: genessa
Do you read?  Do you write?  Do you refrain from hate speech and eschew porn?  (Mature content and language are fine; there IS a difference!)  This is the ring for you!  Just be sure you have the code on a content site and that the content site in question is the one registered with this ring.

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Chris Christie and President Obama -- New Besties? - 11/01/2012
Liberal media (notably MSNBC -- and despite Teapublican assertions, there is not many other examples of liberal media around, just MSNBC, Al Gore's flailing Current and radio networks NPR and MPR ) are teasing Chris Christie about his new "bestie."  The teasing is gentle and, in general, approving, even though some pundits are speculating that Christie's cooperation with and appreciation of Obama in the matter of disaster relief reflects his thinking ahead to 2016.  No one really thinks that's awful, or that it's his only (or even main) motivation.  (Well, almost no one:  at least one forum respondent -- not a known pundit -- predicts that Christie will turn on his new bestie as soon as he's gotten all he can get from him.) Teapublicans have a different take on the matter. Apparently, it is more important to continue to portray the President of the United States as a monster than to help millions of people in immedi...

Chris Christie and President Obama -- New Besties?

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