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Reader and Writer - Do you read?  Browsr/surf this ring!  Find here all kinds of writing:  fiction and nonfiction, essays and

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Reader and Writer

Manager: genessa
Do you read?  Do you write?  Do you refrain from hate speech and eschew porn?  (Mature content and language are fine; there IS a difference!)  This is the ring for you!  Just be sure you have the code on a content site and that the content site in question is the one registered with this ring.

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New Federalist Paper - 10/05/2012
Let's talk about federalism vs. states' rights.  Tonight, in a debate in which Mitt Romney lied through his teeth, a fact only evident to those who have been paying attention all year to what he's been saying, Romney pushed for states' rights at every turn.  Health care:  let's do it state by state.  Education:  none of the federal government's business.  He intends, he says, to create lots of jobs, so I guess there is something he leaves to the federal government, apart from making nice, profitable wars, but he neglects to say how; perhaps in the end his intention is to let the states figure that out too.  So what's wrong with letting states do what they will? First of all, what have we ever gained, as a nation, from favoring states' rights?  Let's see:  slavery, a civil war, conflicting levels of civil rights, including the rights of minorities, women's rights and gender-identity rights, h...

New Federalist Paper

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