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Reader and Writer - Do you read?  Browsr/surf this ring!  Find here all kinds of writing:  fiction and nonfiction, essays and

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Reader and Writer

Manager: genessa
Do you read?  Do you write?  Do you refrain from hate speech and eschew porn?  (Mature content and language are fine; there IS a difference!)  This is the ring for you!  Just be sure you have the code on a content site and that the content site in question is the one registered with this ring.

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Higher Education -- Do We Need More College Graduates? - 09/02/2012
I'm listening to public television (as if it were radio) and the current broadcast, actually about to end, is a debate on whether the United States needs more college graduates in order to remain an economic power.  The people who say no have some interesting reasons for thinking we don't.  They say such things as:  not everyone is capable of getting through college; college students don't spend enough time studying and colleges are too much like country clubs (promoting hedonistic behavior); colleges have slipped in their educational standards; not every job requires a college education; colleges exist in order to separate the brightest from the less bright.  I find these attitudes a bit depressing, since they reflect, to me at least, the following:  the belief that education is only for the purpose of getting jobs (albeit the actual question is phrased to lead one to believe that's the issue); the belief that...

Higher Education -- Do We Need More College Graduates?

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