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Chevrolet Epica engine fault lights, difficulty in starting - 11/13/2013

A mileage of about 100,000 km in 2009 Chevrolet Epica 1.8 sedan. User report: automobile engine fault lights , and at times difficult to start .

Inspection and analysis : detection of upkeep personnel by way of obd2 tool Tech2 diagnostic engine handle unit and discovered fault code P0341 ---- intake camshaft position sensor failure. The fault code can be cleared , however the engine will run for some time to reproduce .

Observed that the intake and exhaust camshaft position sensor and found them also towards the harness of diverse length , the other part of precisely the same ( Figure 17 ) . The two sensors reversed after the test , found fault remains.

Verify the engine idling, the intake camshaft phase , the phase value even located time for you to 122 °. Engine idling , in an effort to lessen the flow fluctuations proper to defer the phase in the intake camshaft is understandable , but normally postponed phase shouldn't exceed 100 °. Clear fault code abnormal because the data generated.

Get rid of the timing belt cover inspection, discovered the intake camshaft pulley timing mark on the existence of dislocation ( Figure 18 ) . The engine 's camshaft phase between the camshaft actuator should be to depend on an interference match connection , with pressure from the lock nut to provide. This strategy indicates that unlike the spline connection location is exceptional, hence the need for specific tools to install.

Troubleshooting: Inside the phase actuator ( camshaft pulley ) installed among the specific tools, hence ensuring the appropriate installation position . Then the common torque tighten the pulley nut . Test confirmed troubleshooting.perhaps you can use you cell phone just need X431 iDiag and app to contant automobile.

Chevrolet Epica engine fault lights, difficulty in starting

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