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Suggestions to increase site visitors police car fuel consumption need to be the way to - 11/13/2013
How need to judge the vehicle increases fuel consumption and repair ?

Answer: In case you feel the vehicle fuel consumption increases , initially towards the repair center using the pro car diagnostic tool C68 scan tool for vehicle electronic information to monitor the engine and car exhaust testing , and based on the following concepts for diagnosis. Tire inflation stress: when the tire will result in loss of gas driving resistance increases, resulting in improved fuel consumption ; Conversely , when the tire pressure within the specified value suitable to improve the tire stress will support decrease fuel consumption ; tire tread : Distinctive forms of tire tread fuel consumption unique choice line tread tires assistance save fuel ; wheel alignment : always preserve the wheel alignment is correct , you'll be able to ensure lower fuel consumption price ;

Road circumstances : pavement greater the resistance , the a lot more the downhill circumstances , fuel consumption rate is higher ; Vehicle load: interior and luggage compartment to decrease unnecessary items , aids to lower fuel consumption ; smooth acceleration : the instantaneous acceleration fuel consumption is high than half smooth acceleration , so we must make an effort to stay clear of really hard acceleration and braking ; moderate speed : a clear economic speed , the speed is also higher and too low will lead to the vehicle fuel economy deteriorates ; engine technical condition : if engine technologies in poor condition , will lead to decreased engine power , causing a lot of fuel waste.

Solid white line on the road whether to allow the pressure line exercise ?

Answer: a . Painted in the middle section , is applied to separate the speed lane or lanes indicate the range . two painted solid white line at the intersection may be the stop line . three painted in the same direction on each sides of your island separated , is utilized to separate lanes inside the same direction .

Single strong white line as a guide lane intersection isn't allowed to cross the line when traveling ; connected with white dotted name is " prohibited lane change " can not cross the line driving.

Yellow line is primarily applied in the center with the road lane , the white line inside the driveway with the division, behind the yellow strong line reverse driving penalties are penalties , beyond the white strong lines don't comply with the lane by penalties

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