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Honda Accord specially slow acceleration isn't smooth get started - 11/07/2013


A Honda Accord , employing MPI ( multi-point injection ) 4 -cylinder engine , A / T ( automatic transmission ) . This car or truck started, slow acceleration , shifting late.

Troubleshooting :

According to the owner introduced , this auto lights when encountered inside the city , especially slow begin again , other cars have already been gallops away , and this vehicle continues to be stagnant ; and reflects the owner car in less than 60km / h when traveling accelerate nor smooth, clear feeling of nausea ; rather high when every little thing is regular. The car delivered to our factory immediately after its initial use car diagnostic tool testing , Honda can use Xtool X-VCI box for diagnosis and upkeep staff decided to use empirical techniques to examine and judge. Road test , undertaking routine inspection and judgment. Very first, the shift lever from the P file out to D4, release the brake , don't step around the gas , automotive in a position to moving forward , indicating that the transmission power to pass a one-way clutch D4 files with no failure. When the gear moves D3, two,1 file, the vehicle may be moving forward ; which shows the transmission inside the guide wheel is standard , there is no slip , at low power might be transmitted . So in other words the transmission is no fault , the fault need to the engine. Continue to verify , when the accelerator pedal scooter speed rose to 60km / h , we identified that the engine stopped at 1700rpm tachometer pointer doesn't move , about 30 seconds will rise . When the speed rises 1800rpm, only shift feel ; This really is clearly demonstrated poor acceleration , shifting dull. When the speed is higher than 60km / h , the acceleration all the things is normal. Determined by past encounter to judge , this failure is lack of engine energy .

Usually lack of engine energy , you need to initial check the higher voltage circuit . Back to the repair shop , when the ignition switch for the ON position lights engine fault instigation 3-5 seconds , starting cars, fault indicator will not light up , indicating that no self- PCM fault ; whilst in front in the instrument below the co-pilot locate two pin plug shorted tune code, which is no fault code generation . Generally the engine fuel and ignition systems have been not much trouble . First, do some routine checks. Appear high fire intensity , when the higher damping unplug in the cylinder 6-8mm spark , playing starters found a very weak cylinder spark . Check the cylinder line and discovered a cylinder cylinder line Popi, replacing 1 set of cylinder line ; To make sure that the ignition system to function appropriately, verify for spark , check the spark plug removed from the auto and saw a set of spark plugs reinstalled for road test and located that the car's functionality has enhanced, however the car or truck is still some feeling of nausea , evening shift to prove lack of engine energy . Immediately after the circuit has been solved no difficulties, and may well be a fault in the circuit .

When the engine is idling , measure oil pressure is 12PSI, belonging to standard, when the engine speed increases, the oil also improved steadily . Fuel pump is working adequately, when the injector is removed from the car or truck and found an incredibly Dirty fuel injectors , carburetor cleaner employed to clean , and use a multimeter to measure the resistance of 3.1 ohms resistance to typical . Meanwhile field experiments , the injector is energized to observe the extent of spray mist size . Right after cleaning the injector that sprayed mist that approaches the best injector resume standard operation. The injector refitted towards the vehicle , in the car road test , the engine speed continues to rise , and the 1750rpm close smoothly shift . Namely low speed , acceleration and smooth . Feeling especially powerful automobile , at higher speed is also typical.

Thus troubleshooting is completed. Due to the high points of this car or truck cylinder line leakage , resulting in ignition energy isn't sufficient ; Also, since the long-term upkeep caused by undesirable injector dirty , causing the acceleration fuel injection quantity will not be sufficient , causing lean mixture , the consolidated causes lack of engine energy . Given that lack of engine energy , speed increases slowly and brief time can not reach the required speed , PCM ( Powertrain Control Module ) isn't to shift , evening shift so it feels , but also as a result of lack of engine power , multi- step on the accelerator a bit significantly less tread point , the distinction is minimal, poor acceleration overall performance . Which led towards the low speed, poor acceleration . Inside the case in the road when the red light , the vehicle started slowly.

Honda Accord specially slow acceleration isn't smooth get started

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